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How to capitalise on your good reputation

What happens when potential customers Google your business name? Hopefully your website comes up - but how do you ensure that they make that last step and click on YOUR website and not someone else's? Here's one trick to make sure you dominate the search results so much, that there is no room for anyone else...

You have done all the hard work - provided such a good service that people are recommending you. Word of your business is growing and potential customers are Googling your business name - but what happens on the first page of the results? Are you just one search result amongst a sea of other businesses with similar names? Is it obvious to the potential customer which one they need to click on?

The best way to ensure you get that final click is to dominate the 'real estate' on page 1 of the Google search results. To do this, you have to make sure you own a number of different online 'properties'. This can include;

  • Your website

  • Social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc - whichever ones are appropriate to your business

  • Google image results

  • Links from Trade websites - such as Checkatrade

  • Listings on websites like

  • A Google Business listing - plus Google reviews

  • Third party review services - such as Trustpilot

  • Press mentions

  • Google advert (This should be used sparingly by small businesses - read my Blog about Google Adwords for small businesses)

Here is a great example of someone getting it absolutely spot on - our friends The Pull Agency have consciously planned total domination of page 1 of Google search results for their business name...

This company dominates 100% of page 1 of the Google search results for their company name. (And actually around 66% of page 2 as well!). The ONLY thing that doesn't appear on the Google results page is image results - but a quick look at image results filter shows us that they dominate there as well!

When launch a new client's website, I always give them advice on how they have help their website appear in a good position on the Google search results pages - and this one of the pieces of advice I give them. If you already have a website but you would like to improve your position on Google, I can audit your website and make recommendations for improvement as well as creating a plan for ongoing online marketing activity. Please contact me if you feel you would like my help.

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