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Do I need a logo for my website?

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

What are your options when it comes to logo design? How much does it cost? Do you even need one or can you save money by not having one? Here is the advice and the options that I always offer my clients.

What is a logo for?

A logo is a unique symbol or design that represents your business and distinguishes you from your competitors. It offers an immediate representation of your values and purpose and can also help customers remember you.

Do I need a logo?

It is increasingly important to create a logo for your business as you may need it for social media profile pictures, business cards, leaflets, business stationary. I also find it useful to start the website design process with the logo, as the logo heavily informs the colours and style of the website.

What are my options?

If you come to me to build your website, I will offer the following three options for you to choose from; minimalist, simple and professional.


The minimalist option is for people who do not need any logo files to produce social media profile images, business cards etc. I will create a visual identity for your website using the website editor, but no logo files will be available. This option would be included in the quote I give you for your website build.



This type of logo is done using an online logo creation service. You could do it yourself, or I could do it for you - at a small extra charge. The advantage of this is you get high quality logo files plus a guide that details your brand colours and fonts. This is very useful if you are going to need signs, business cards, flyers, etc. Wix has a logo design facility, where you pay to download your logo files, or you can use a service like Logo Pony which charges a similar amount


Designed by client

Designed by me


This type of logo is crafted specially for your business by an experienced graphic designer. You get high resolution files to use elsewhere and a highly unique and nuanced logo. I will give you details of my trusted graphic design company and help you develop a brief. I will then help you provide feedback throughout the design process to make sure you get a logo that truly represents your business. This option typically costs from around £400, but this is entirely dependant on the graphic designer chosen and the requirements of the job. Sometimes it is a good idea to ask the graphic designer to create some other design elements to help give your website more personality, like the example below where the client paid for a logo and an extra motif. Click here to see The Carriage House website

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