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Why Social Media advertising is better for small businesses than Pay Per Click (PPC)

Investing in Pay Per Click advertising has been a popular way for businesses to drive traffic to their websites for years now, but is it really a good investment for small businesses?

Large businesses invest a LOT of money into it PPC and manage to get big returns on their investment – so it would stand to reason that a small business would want a slice of that action. However, I have found that Paid Search is an increasingly less efficient medium for small independent businesses. This is down to…

  • Low search volumes

  • High Cost Per Click of niche key phrases

  • High competition from large brands who subsidise targeted keyword campaigns with brand search conversions and also have a high quality score and a high pulling power due to the variety of products on their sites and low delivery costs.

In my experience, I am finding that Facebook and Instagram advertising is a much better advertising medium for small independent shops. I have found;

  • Lower costs

  • Easier to set up

  • Higher return on investment

  • Better targeting opportunities

  • Increased Brand Awareness

  • An opportunity to market a product to people BEFORE they know they need it (useful for impulse buy products)

If you are already creating engaging posts on Social Media, you may find that just 'boosting' an existing popular post for as little as £5 is a great way to test the water.

If you'd like to talk to me about your social media marketing I can help you plan a social media calendar and/or give you a workshop for you and your staff to help you improve your photography, connect with your audience and create paid posts.

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