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Your website: A journey, not a destination

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Many people see the launch of their website as the end of a journey - a well earned tick on the to do list and on to the next thing. However, in reality it is the beginning of a journey.

Left alone, a website becomes stagnant, can quickly look out of date and fails to bring in new customers. But with a little frequent attention it looks fresh and engaging, will appear higher in Google search results and ultimately brings you more business.

Here are a few ideas of updates you can make so your website...

Quick Updates

  • New projects

  • New testimonials

  • New products or services

  • Seasonal imagery and product focus

  • Add social media widgets so your website gets updated automatically from your social media posts

Larger Projects

  • Design updates

  • New landing pages

  • FAQs - to help reduce phone calls to shop staff

  • Review customer journey and update information, basket/checkout, call to actions

  • Review Search engine optimisation and update on-page and off-page copy

As your business grows and your requirements change, and as technology and shopping habits change you may also need to re-arrange, rebuild or add sections or new functionality to your website. (For my discussion on completely rebuilding existing sites see my article 'Do Websites have a shelf life?'. )

If you'd like to refresh your website but don't know where to start, you can contact me about creating an online marketing plan, updating your website on a regular basis or I can review your website and recommend strategic improvements.

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