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I can build my own website can't I?

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

It’s true. There are lots of free and very easy to use website platforms out there. The advantages of building your own website are...

1) It’s cheap

2) You know your business best and so you can easily write all your own copy

3) You are in control

One great example of a self-built website that I have come across is that of Gormley & Gamble – built by Phoebe Gormley herself. Not only is she a talented tailor but has built a seriously impressive website which suits (excuse the pun!) her business perfectly…

However, there are a few disadvantages that you may want to consider before taking the plunge…

1) ‘Free’ doesn’t always mean free.

Often with free websites you have to take their URL (so it is not fully customised to you) and must also put up with their branding – and even advertising on your site. If you are looking to build a professional looking website, you may have to pay extra to make it exactly how you want.

2) If you build it will they come?

You may be able to build your website, but do you know how to get people to find your website amongst all the others out there? There’s no point building one and then languishing on page 20 of the search results for all eternity!

3) In the picture:

Are you able to take good quality photographs that do your product or service justice and engage your customers? Some people are naturally good photographers, but not everyone!

4) Writer’s block:

You may know your business inside out, but unless you can write engaging, mistake-free copy, your customers will take one glance and move on to your competitors.

5) About time:

You may well start out with the intention of building your own website but very few people actually get round to doing it because they are too busy building up their own business and serving their customers – which is great!

6) User error:

Do you know how to build a site that customers can navigate around quickly and easily while carrying out the task at hand in as pain-free a way as possible? If not, you may find that customers disappear faster than they arrived!

7) Designer price tag:

Fortunately there are some fantastic design templates out there which help budding entrepreneurs build slick looking sites. But beware, many come with a hefty price tag. Sometimes they are used inappropriately by enthusiastic novices and the site ends up looking like a dog’s dinner!

If you are worried about any one of these areas, you might want to hire a professional (like me!). A professional website designer can help with any area that you don’t feel confident in, or simply take charge of the whole project and leave you to do what you do best – serving your customers and building your business! Contact me at to see how I can help you...

Lucy Hayes of had a lot of design input into her site so this was very much a collaborative effort between us. I even chose a platform that was easy to use so that she could populate her own shop area!

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